Welcome to Xploit News

Xploit News provides a comprehensive reputation management solution that Clients’ can depend on to manage the discovery of emerging business issues and the trends affecting their organization's invaluable reputation.
We believe in innovative and creative solutions delivered by a young and dynamic team but with several years of sound experience at the same time, we always work as an extension of our client’s team rather than as a supplier therefore working in partnership comes naturally to us.
We have specialized teams of trained media professionals for Client Servicing, Media Scanning, Media Analysis, Finance, New Business Development and Delivery.

Our Services

News Analysis

We provide qualitative and quantative analysis of news. To give our clients an accurate picture about the perception of the brand / company vis a vis competition. Each factor like the reach of the channel, the grade of the reporter, the program in which the clip appeared the time slot and the numbers of repeats are mentioned.

Ad Spot Monitoing

We monitor and prepare air-time reports of advertisements for our clients.

Opportunity Monitoring

From our rich reserve of more than 30 channels running over 500 programs, we design the electronic media plan, including all details of Program: Channel, Day, Air Time, Frequency, No. of Repeats, Name of journalist, Name of Producer. The subscribers can target these programs and increase their client’s onscreen presence.

Competition Tracking

We prepare systematic industry wise database everyday including general industry news, competitor’s news etc…, which is available to our subscribers.


The content of the electronic clips- stories/ discussions is converted in a MS Word/ PPT format.


In case of regional language channels/newspapers the content is translated in English or any other language.